Let's Farm Smarter.

Agriculture is costly and crops on a field do not grow evenly. Farmers waste crucial resources such as water by applying them evenly throughout the field. Industrial soil moisture sensors are extremely costly, averaging $150 per unit or more. These costs reduce the number of sensors farmers can buy, creating gaps in insights on the field.

Low-cost. Insightful. Sustainable.

FarmGrid's mission is to offer low cost sensors focused on being insight driven. We aim to design, install, and scale a grid of wireless sensors for real-time monitoring of critical field data, such as soil moisture and temperature. Using low-power design strategies, we offer self-charging sensors that last indefinitely on the field while consuming 1/100th of the power and at a 1/3rd of the cost of high precision sensors.

Above is a demo of the minimal viable product (MVP): a wireless device that measures light-intensity, soil-moisture,and is constructed from spare parts to minimize cost. Built for indoor applications, the MVP is less rugged and works best on the windowsill or greenhouse. The MVP costs approximately $20 to build and is depicted below.

How FarmGrid Works:

FarmGrid Architecture

An IoT device equipped with sensors tailored to your farming needs collects and pushes data to the cloud at regular intervals. Your user dashboard pulls the data and displays it on interactive dynamic charts. Never again will you miss your watering schedules! Best yet, we control the entire IoT data pipeline, from the farm to the cloud.

Future Offering:

FarmGrid Future Goals

Self-recharging batteries powered by the sun, machine learning insights, wireless mesh networks, and extreme low power design are just a few in-progress features that will give us a competitive edge.

User Interface:




Moisture (%), Light (L), Temperature (°C)


Battery Level (Volts)


Current Valve State (ON/OFF)